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Month: September 2019

  • Weeks 2-4: Faith Friends Pakistan

    Weeks 2-4: Faith Friends Pakistan

    ood quietly against the wall with my hands folded, waiting for everybody to serve themselves dinner and find a seat. My gaze wandered around the room observing our Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Sikh guests chatting lightly in English and Urdu as they settled in at Al Amana Centre…

  • Week 1: Mornings in Muttrah

    Week 1: Mornings in Muttrah

    Last Monday, I left my home in Arlington, Virginia at 5PM EST to start a year of service abroad. Thankfully the trip went smoothly, and on Tuesday around 11PM I arrived to my new home – the Al Amana Centre in Muscat, Oman. Like the good daughter I am, the first thing I did upon…